Eden Culture


Launched back in 2011, Eden Culture’s main purpose has always been to introduce new and exciting cultural content to our screens. Now included are live operas and ballets, the Eden Comedy Club, Side Street Films, Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen and also Exhibition on Screen – all of which take place at the Eden Cinemas. Providing audiences with a variety of alternative content, Eden Culture also broadcasts music concerts, live events and more.



Opera & Ballets


Eden Culture first started with the broadcast of operas and ballets; live via satellite from the world’s top international theatre houses. Now half way through its 4th season, the programme offers an impressive selection of performances transmitted live from London’s Royal Opera House – from modern masterpieces which continue to push boundaries in the world of dance and music, alongside many beloved classics, and the work of musical geniuses including Verdi, Wagner and Puccini. Showing exclusively in Eden Cinema’s showcase theatre, audiences are to experience that same authentic feel as though watching these stunning shows abroad. Through the use of dimmed theatre lighting, enhanced sound as well as live behind-the-scenes footage before the start of every performance, Eden Cinemas ensures to make each experience a memorable one. 



Side Street Films


Established in May 2014, Side Street Films is all about great quality, non-mainstream films. Moving away from the typical Hollywood notion, these art house, European films are all about alternative content for movie lovers who appreciate a more artistic and experimental style of film.



The Eden Comedy Club


Established by its bold and witty international acts, the Eden Comedy Club has hosted over eleven stand-up comedy gigs to date. Taking place every February, May and September, each event features some of the best acts from across the globe that are guaranteed to have the crowd roaring with laughter throughout!  Staying true to our club motto: ‘Entertain, Engage and Share the Laughter’, the Eden Comedy Club promises to deliver an unforgettable show for all comedy-lovers out there! Bigger and louder each time, there is nothing quite like Eden Comedy’s stand up comedy night!



Exhibition on Screen


A series of unmissable cinema events for all art lovers! Filmed in stunning high definition exclusively for the big screen, audiences are taken on a journey through must-see art exhibitions around the world.  Filmed on location, these groundbreaking exhibitions allow art aficionados to enjoy, marvel and delight at the works of some of history’s greatest artists.



Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen


Committed to further supporting the arts, Eden Culture recently introduced Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen. Including thrilling new productions, each performance will be broadcast from Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theatre in London. Dating back to 1599, the new Globe was re-opened in 1997 by pioneering American actor and director Sam Wanamaker. Since then, the theatre has transformed into a unique international resource dedicated to exploring Shakespeare’s work.  Truly an unforgettable cinema experience, the 2015 season features some of Shakespeare’s greatest work, all beautifully captured in exceptional high definition and full surround sound.



The Culture Card is accepted for all Eden Culture events.